Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Less than $5..FOR REALS!

Went to Target on my lunch today and scored this coupon haul. You are probably asking yourself the following questions:

Q: Why in the world would you buy PepsiOne?
A: Yes, I am a die hard Coke fan, but with this kind of screamin deal, how could I pass it up?

Q: What is that bottle of red stuff?
A: mmmm, glad you asked, it is Frank's Red Hot Sauce, yum yum! You can put it on ANYTHING!

Q: Why would you buy two People Magazines?
A: I'ts fun to share when it is FREE and who doesn't love People Magazine
Q: Wait a minute, you are on a low carb diet, are those Skittles sugar free or something?
A: Of course not, but Easter is coming and the Easter Bunny is all about FREE CANDY!

Q: Do you have a body odor problem, why would you need 5 deoderants? A: Well, at .24/each this will restock my pantry and it is a GREAT item to donate!

And the million dollar question... Q: HOW DID YOU GET ALL THAT FOR $4.51?
A. It's simple really:
4 Skittle Blenders Single-serve bag .69 =2.76
Less $1/2 printable TARGET internet coupon x 2 = (2.00)
Less $.50/2 printable MANUFACTURE coupon X 2 = (1.00)

1 Franks Hot Sauce 2.44
FREE coupon from 3/13 SmartSource insert

5 Suave Deoderant 1.4 oz. .99 =4.95
Less .75 coupon from 3/20 Red Blum Insert x 5 = (3.75)
Final Price 1.20 or .24 each

2 Reach Dental Floss .97 = 1.94
Less $1/1 printable MANUFACTURE coupon x 2 = (2.00)

Target is running a promo if you buy 1 People Magazine & 1 Pepsi Skinny pack you get an instant $3 off so...
Buy 2 People Magazines 4.49 =8.98
Buy 4 Pepsi Skinny Packs 1.99 =7.96
Get $6 off instantly at checkout = (6.00)
Use $2/1 printable People Magazine MANUFACTURE coupon x 2 (4.00)
Use BOGO Pepsi Coupons x 2 = (3.98)

Final Price: 2.96 plus .60 deposit = 3.56
GRAND total for all of these steals: 4.76
You can find many more Target deals at Cheers!

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