Friday, April 20, 2012

2nd Reboot starting May 1st, 2012

Try it out with me!

It is only 15 days! No shakes, no food out of packets, no counting, just straight fruits and veggies made from the earth! No offense to anyone using shakes or packet meals, I have done it all and to each his/her own! This has been the easy cleanse I have ever done!

Phase 1: 5 days eating fruits and veggies and juicing
Phase 2: 5 days juicing only
Phase 3: 5 days eating fruits and veggies and juicing

All you need is a juicer! Oh, and fruits and veggies of course!

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1st Reboot: Day 11

I can eat again! Wahoooooooo! And the funniest thing was, I didn't eat all that much, haha!

What I ate:
Caffeinated Green Tea at about 9
Strawberries, Cucumbers, Grapes, Watermelon

What I juiced:
Carrot Orange
Apple Beet Carrot
Suzi’s Apple Green Lemonade
My Thoughts: These all stayed well overnight in the fridge. I stored them in mason jars and my pitcher and they still tasted awesome

Overall mood: BUSY!

Thoughts: So maybe it is all a mental game. Just the fact that I CAN have fruits and veggies to eat didn’t mean that I HAD to eat them. In fact, I hardly ate them at all. Just as a tiny snack. My juices were just so much more fulfilling. How bizarre. I am hoping that when this is all over that I will feel that way about other foods that aren’t necessarily as good for me as fruits and vegetables. I am hoping to keep up this way of life and make other things more like a treat or an every once in a while type of thing. One of the meal plans at is juicing and eating veggies all day and then a healthy meal at night. That would be nice. We shall see. I have picked the date for my next reboot though and I am just as excited!

Today's weight loss: 1.8
Total weight loss: 14

1st Reboot: Day 10

My last day of juicing and it was easy peasy!  

What I ate:
Caffeinated Green Tea at about 11

What I juiced:

Suzi’s Apple Green Lemonade x2
My Thoughts: I made another quad batch of this because I love it so much.

Carrot Orange
My Thoughts: Love this one. Made a double batch for tomorrow too!

Apple Beet Carrot
My Thoughts: You know I am not a huge fan and pretty much suck it down, but I know it completes the rainbow I am supposed to drink. It also makes your bowels read remember, so don’t freak out!

Overall mood: Thrilled!

Thoughts: Wow, this is my last day of juicing! I am excited to actually eat some veggies and fruits. I went out and bought strawberries and cucumbers and watermelon, just to eat for tomorrow, wahoooo!! This has gone by so fast!

Today's weight loss: 1.2
Total weight loss: 12.2

Thursday, April 19, 2012

1st Reboot: Day 9

Another EASY day juicing, yesss!!! Tuesday is my busy day of the week and goes by very fast!

What I drank:
Caffeinated Green Tea at about 9

What I juiced:

Celery Lemon Kale:
    4 handfuls of kale
    6 celery stalks
    1 lemon

My Thoughts: This was left over from last night. I drank it down quick. Nothing exciting.

Suzi’s Apple Green Lemonade

My Thoughts: I made a quad batch of this in my nifty Pampered Chef pitcher from Ma Belloni. I will tell you more about this pitcher later because it is a MUST HAVE! I drank it all day and still have 2 left tomorrow.

Overall mood: Inspired!

Thoughts: Incredible day! And I mean incredible. Many factors contributed of course, but I know when my body feels great, it spreads to most parts of my life. Only one more day of juicing only! Man, I don’t think I have craved eating vegetables and fruits this bad in my life! Mmmmm

Today's weight loss: .6
Total weight loss: 11.6

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How are juicing calories counted?

First, let me start with saying I am obviously not a doctor, health expert, nutritionist, or anything even close. I am just a almost 30 something mom who is trying to get more healthy. That being said I have been wondering how the calories work when you juice, so of course, I googled it.  Got the info from,.


Every gram of fiber has 4 calories. When you juice, you are not getting any of the regular fiber of the fruit or vegetable so you must subtract the fiber calories to get an accurate count. So, take an apple for example.

One large apple has 130 calories and 5 grams of fiber
Multiply 5g of fiber x 4 = 20
Subtract 20 from the total 130 calories = 110
So if you juice an apple you would be drinking 110 calories
Make sense?

Ok, so with that in mind let's look at my favorite drink:

Suzi's Apple Green Lemonade ( the reboot recipe but I added an apple, less celery and more kale)

1 green apple 110 cals
1 Braeburn apple 110 cals

3 handfuls of spinach 70 cals
3 handfuls of kale 75 cals
1/2 cucumber 10 cals
3 celery stalks 5 cals
1/2 lemon 5 cals

I rounded and approximated but my favorite drink would be about 385 calories!

So if you are questioning how much I am eating per day, just 3 drinks would be about 900-1200 calories depending on how much fruit I have in them. And this also makes sense why you should make sure you are having more veggies than fruits. 

Nutritional values and photo from I found this site really easy to use and if you just add a backslash and a fruit or veggie, the nutritional information comes up. You can find kale at

1st Reboot: Day 8

Well, once again, no change in weight loss. And that’s just fine because today I am totally pumped! And tons of energy today. Today was sooo much easier to just juice! I need to make a run for produce so I am being creative and using up all that I have left!

What I ate:
Hot water with Lemon as soon as I woke up
Caffeinated Green Tea at about noon

What I juiced:

Apple Pear Cucumber:
    1 pear
    1 apple
    2 cucumbers

My Thoughts: This is delicious. I like having fruit in my juice first thing in the morning. It seems to give me that extra umph. I will make this again for sure

Carrot Orange: (I had two of these)
    6 carrots
    3 oranges

My Thoughts: Well, you know I don’t care for carrot juice, but adding the oranges made it fabulous. Tim loved it too. Graham and Gavin-still not converts.

Celery Lemon Kale:
    4 handfuls of kale
    6 celery stalks
    1 lemon

My Thoughts: Surprisingly enough, this wasn’t bad. No fantastic, but fine. Again, I was trying to use up what I had in my fridge.

Overall mood: Refreshed!

Thoughts: Great day! I had fun mixing it up today with new, interesting recipes. That is why I am lucky that I can stomach pretty much anything- well, except liquid salsa that is ;)

I am a teency weency bummed that there was no weight loss and it reminded me on something my mom said. She told me before I started this to make sure I took my Omega Fatty Acids. I told her I would and I didn't :( So I started taking those today. 

I also wanted to note that I have been making my juice for the entire day all at once, or sometimes twice. I have been storing it in different sizes of Mason jars. And it seems to be keeping nicely! Cheers to Day 8!

Today's weight loss: 2.0
Total weight loss: 11

Monday, April 16, 2012

1st Reboot: Day 7

Yesterday's Beet Apple Carrot

So at about noon today I am about half way through my first reboot! Wahoo! I am feeling a lot more positive today, even if I didn't lose any weight! Yes, you read that right, another ZERO lb weight loss. But that's ok, I am feeling fantastic!

What I drank:
Hot water with Lemon as soon as I woke up
Caffeinated Jasmine & Green Tea
What I juiced:
Green Lemonade x 2
 My Thoughts: I had this leftover from yesterday and it was just fine in the fridge overnight. I still LOVE this drink.

 Greens I had left in my fridge:
      1 Braeburn Apple
      1 Romaine Heart
      3 handful of kale
      3 celery stalks

My Thoughts: I just plain sucked this one down. I need to go to the store and I was getting hungry so I just drank it really fast, hehe.

Carrot Pear:
     4 carrots
     2 pears

My Thoughts: Tim loved this, Tim's dad and stepmom said it wasn't bad, and I don't really like carrots so of course you know my thoughts. 

Overall Mood: Moderate

Thoughts: Today was a wonderful day. Lots of energy. Starting to think of food as fuel. Made delicious potato skins and salad for family dinner. The hardest part was making the bacon. I am not a huge potato fan, but they smelled so delicious. Kind of bummed that I didn't lose any again, but starting to feel proud of myself to being half way done. Stay tuned for a post on how calories are calculated when you juice!

Today's weight loss: ZERO
Total weight loss: 9

1st Reboot: Day 6

Here it is! The first day of the next phase of my reboot: ALL JUICING! I was a little nervous yesterday and probably rightfully so, hehe. This was by far the hardest day for me. It was probably just mentally knowing that I couldn't actually EAT anything. It didn't help that I didn't lose an ounce. Not one ounce! But that is still ok, I am still down 9 lbs in 5 days and I am feeling great!

photo credit

What I ate-ur-uh WHAT I DRANK:
Hot water with Lemon as soon as I woke up
Caffeinated Jasmine and Green Tea

What I juiced:
Suzi's Apple Green Lemonade 
My Thoughts: I made a triple batch last night. I was already nervous about only juicing all day so i thought I would start with something that I loved. Of course it didn't disappoint me.

Orange Strawberry Blueberry Raspberry fresh squeezed juice from Jamba Juice
My Thoughts: We were out and about longer than I planned and went to Mt. Hood vs. Clackamas baseball game. Tim used to play for CCC and his old (and favorite coach Korey Kier) coaches for Mt. Hood. The boys had a blast and I enjoyed my drink! It was good, but I ordered the biggest size I could and it was about 450 calories, ouch!

 Suzi's Apple Green Lemonade

Beet Apple Carrot:
     1 beet
     4 large carrots
     2 Braeburn apples

 My Thoughts: I am just not a big beet fan. It was fine and looked pretty, but not sensational!

Overall mood: Disgruntled
Thoughts: I had just told Tim the night before how easy this reboot was going and I could eat (or juice, ha!) my words. I did not like juicing today. Not in a house or with a mouse. (Sorry Sam-I-Am) But I am still excited for this journey and I am so happy about discovering juicing and making it part of my life for good. Also, I looked up how many calories were in my Jamba Juice and it was about 450 calories! WOW! Ouch. Maybe that is why I DIDN'T LOSE A LB! Still positive and determined!

Today's weight loss: ZERO
Total weight loss: 9

Saturday, April 14, 2012

1st Reboot: Day 5

Yes, day 5 already! This seems to be going fast and so far super easy. Another pound down today. It is weird when 1 lb a day makes you feel like you didn't do very well. But I know I did! Wahoo.

What I ate:
Hot water with Lemon as soon as I woke up
Caffeinated Green Tea
Snacked all day on: apples, carrots, banana, cucumbers, celery

What I juiced:
Apple Pear Grape
My Thoughts: Can't go wrong with this one
 Liquid Salsa: (The Juicing Bible, 2nd edition by Pat Crocker)
     2 tomatoes
     1 fresh jalepeno pepper (I took the seeds out)
     1/4 onion
     6 sprigs fresh cilantro
     1/2 lime

My Thoughts: Sounds good right? Like you want to grab some warm chips and dip away? Well, it was the weirdest thing. It smelled delicious, just like fresh salsa. I tasted it and well, it tasted just like liquid salsa. About 2 minutes after I took my first few drinks, my stomach started hurting. And hurting BAD. And it happened so fast. I called my mom to get her advice and she said I should probably stop drinking it and see if the pain went away. And it did. How bizarre. So about 15 minutes later I tried it again and those same darn pains came back???? So, I gave up. And then I made something I knew I would love...

Fresh liquid salsa!
5 minutes later, look at how it settled!


 Suzi's Apple Green Lemonade ( the reboot recipe but I added an apple, less celery and more kale)

1 green apple
1 Braeburn apple
That wrinkle in the tablecloth is driving me bonkers :)
3 handfuls of spinach
3 handful of kale
1/2 cucumber (i actually forgot this part)
3 celery stalks
1/2 lemon

 My Thoughts: I am officially obsessed with this one! I even put it in a fancy ice cold mug to make me feel like it was a treat. I had this twice today.

Overall mood: This is the coolest cleanse ever!
Thoughts: For dinner I made the most awesome Spinich & Black Bean Enchiladas! Tim was literally licking the plate and the boys, who hate beans, LOVED them! Wahooo. It was sooo hard not to taste them. I am putting these on my list for when I am done with my reboot. I am still noticing that the things I am craving the most are healthy! How cool is that? I kept very busy today and did all kinds of crafty fun stuff at home and it totally kept my mind off of food. 9 lbs!!! Can you believe that????  I have had multiple people comment on how they are noticing changes, yes!!!! Besides in my face, I don't notice much change. I am starting to get nervous because tomorrow is my first day of my next phase: Juicing ONLY for 5 days!! I wonder how different it will be! Stay tuned and thanks for supporting me on this journey.
Today's weight loss: 1 lb
Total weight loss: 9 lbs

* recipes from Reboot Your Life starter guide

Friday, April 13, 2012

1st Reboot: Day 4

Ok, this is more like it. I actually feel better only losing 1.2 lbs today. But it does make me think if it was something that I did differently from Day 1, 2, or 3. Maybe I ate too many bananas? I did have one by itself and then in my two different smoothies. Hmmm. Or it could just be my body getting a lot of the icky stuff out right away? Who knows. I am obviously not a Nutritionist.

What I ate: 
Hot water with Lemon as soon as I woke up 
Caffeinated Green Tea (Again, I waited til about 11 or so to drink my tea)
Snacked all day on: apples, carrots, celery, cucumbers, red grapes
1 Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry smoothie-I really missed a not putting a banana in :(

What I juiced:   
Carrot-Kale Combo*-my friends have been telling me if I eat more carrots I will start looking tan, so this is going to be a regular one, hehe

 Green Lemonade*:- This time I DIDN'T forget the cucumber, I added a little less celery, and added an extra Braeburn apple. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! No exaggeration, PHENOMENAL! I will be making this every single day!!!

* recipes from Reboot Your Life starter guide

Apple Pear Grape:
     4 pears
     4 Braeburn apples
     2 handfuls of red grapes

Made this up myself, how could you go wrong with these ingredients. I just wanted the make something the boys would like. It was super delicious, but the boys didn't like it. How sad that they are so used to juices with fake ingredients and full of sugar. Well, they are going to learn to like it because this will be the only juice they will be having at home from now on!

Gavin wouldn't pose with my juice so here is saying, "Argh Matey"
  Overall mood: Awesome

Thoughts: I want to point out that when I say "snacked on" under What I ate- I am meaning eating them all day. Usually I will eat a large carrot which will fill me up and a half hour later eat a whole bag of cut up cucumbers etc. I am eating all day long! I and really don't ever feel hungry. My mouth is hungry, but my body is not. I hope that makes sense. Today was the first day I went grocery shopping for my family. I realized I had tons of reboot food for me and nothing for my kidlets and poor Tim. Not that they won't eat reboot food, just that they would enjoy some more food groups. It was tough at the store, but doable. I planned out the family meals (which I got them all from and

We/They are having:
Spinich & Black Bean Enchiladas (this one was actually from my friend Carina)
Ground turkey and whole wheat pasta spaghetti
Skinny baked potato skins & baked zucchini fries
Shredded Chicken and Broccoli casserole

Ok, now my mouth is watering, hehe. So, I am still feeling great. They say day 3-5 is the worst, so if this is the worst, then wahooooo! Let's do it!
Today's weight loss: 1.2 lbs
Total weight loss: 7 lbs