Wednesday, April 11, 2012

She's baaaccckkkk

Well, I am back! Yes, I am serious!

I had every intention of posting on a regular basis when I became a stay at home mom in December but I found myself busier than I was working full time. And the thought of spending time on the computer rather than with my bugs stressed me out. Then my Facebook obsession took over and I realized I might as well be doing something meaningful on the computer, hehe.

I have been couponing, just not as much. As soon as that TLC Extreme Couponing show aired it seems the coupon policies became more strict and the shelves were empty faster then I could shop. I do dabble in the game every once in a while, but I am concentrating on more important things to me at the moment. What is more important than couponing you ask?

Well, right around February 4th, on my 29th birthday I started thinking about my age a lot. This is my 30th year. If that seems young to you, think about way back in your early 20's and recall how old 30 sounded! I asked myself all kinds of questions. Was I happy with my life? If I could change anything what would it be? yada yada yada. We cancelled our monthly cable and got Netflix instead and we started watching all kinds of documentaries. One that really stuck with me was a documentary about juicing called "Fat Sick, and Nearly Dead" about an Australian dude who goes on a 60 day juice fast and it completely changes his life.

After that, I decided to change mine.

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  1. You're just a baby! I'm almost halfway through my thirties already!