Thursday, April 12, 2012

1st Reboot: Day 2

Wow, feeling so awesome! Hopped on the scale this morning and had to re-weigh a couple times before I would believe I lost 3.2 lbs yesterday! Wahooooo! What a great start! Of course I cannot expect these kind of results daily, but shoot, I will take it! So I guess what I consumed yesterday worked. And I was really only hungry once, and definitely not starving!

What I ate: 
 Caffeinated Green Tea
 Snacked all day on: apples, carrots, celery,
 Salad with romaine, leeks, onions, tomatoes, celery, asparagus, no dressing of course ;)
 2 Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry smoothies

What I juiced: 
 Apple Pear*:
     1 Braeburn apple
     2 pears
     1 thumb size piece of Ginger

My Thoughts: This was AMAZING! I wanted to drink more and more and more. And remember, this is the one I made about 12 hours before and put it in a sealed Mason jar in the fridge. I had to dump some of the pulp and shake it up, but it was INCREDIBLE!


     1 Braeburn apple
     2 Beets (whole, uncut or peeled)
     3 large carrots
     1 Piece of Ginger
     1 handful of kale (optional)
     1 handful of spinich (optional)

My Thoughts: Hmmmm. Well, I will probably make this again but tweak it because I really didn't care for it. I could still suck it down but I am honestly not too excited to remake this one. TMI alert: Don't be alarmed if you have a "movement" and it is the color beet red-literally. I did and panicked, hehe!

* recipes from Reboot Your Life starter guide

Overall mood: A little sleepy but still so excited!

Thoughts: Still super stoked! I was not tempted at all to cheat, felt full pretty much all day. I did find myself craving some healthy things like when we went over to my in-laws and they had fresh baked salmon and my mouth was watering. It was nice to get excited to make healthy-whole-REAL foods like that. I was in the bathroom all day. I had no idea I had that much in me! Sorry, but I really want to document all of this! And I pee all night long, just like I was pregnant. I am trying to talk Tim into switching sides of the bed for a while because I need to be closer to the bathroom, hehe. I am also drinking a ton of water too! And 2.6 lbs, how cool is that?????

Today's weight loss: 3.2
Total weight loss: 3.2

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