Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1st Reboot: Day 8

Well, once again, no change in weight loss. And that’s just fine because today I am totally pumped! And tons of energy today. Today was sooo much easier to just juice! I need to make a run for produce so I am being creative and using up all that I have left!

What I ate:
Hot water with Lemon as soon as I woke up
Caffeinated Green Tea at about noon

What I juiced:

Apple Pear Cucumber:
    1 pear
    1 apple
    2 cucumbers

My Thoughts: This is delicious. I like having fruit in my juice first thing in the morning. It seems to give me that extra umph. I will make this again for sure

Carrot Orange: (I had two of these)
    6 carrots
    3 oranges

My Thoughts: Well, you know I don’t care for carrot juice, but adding the oranges made it fabulous. Tim loved it too. Graham and Gavin-still not converts.

Celery Lemon Kale:
    4 handfuls of kale
    6 celery stalks
    1 lemon

My Thoughts: Surprisingly enough, this wasn’t bad. No fantastic, but fine. Again, I was trying to use up what I had in my fridge.

Overall mood: Refreshed!

Thoughts: Great day! I had fun mixing it up today with new, interesting recipes. That is why I am lucky that I can stomach pretty much anything- well, except liquid salsa that is ;)

I am a teency weency bummed that there was no weight loss and it reminded me on something my mom said. She told me before I started this to make sure I took my Omega Fatty Acids. I told her I would and I didn't :( So I started taking those today. 

I also wanted to note that I have been making my juice for the entire day all at once, or sometimes twice. I have been storing it in different sizes of Mason jars. And it seems to be keeping nicely! Cheers to Day 8!

Today's weight loss: 2.0
Total weight loss: 11

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