Thursday, April 12, 2012

1st Reboot: Day 3

Holy Moley, Is this for real? Can I possibly be seeing these kind of results by eating delicious healthy food??? Another 2.6 lbs gone!!! Wowwwie! 

What I ate: 
Hot water with Lemon as soon as I woke up 
Caffeinated Green Tea (This time I waited til about 11 or so to drink my tea)
 Snacked all day on: apples, carrots, banana,
 2 Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and banana smoothies

What I juiced:   
Carrot-Kale Combo*:

     1 green apple
     2 handfuls of spinach
     1 handful of kale
     4 large carrots
     1 thumb size piece of ginger
 My Thoughts: I liked this one! I am not a huge fan of carrot juice or cooked carrots in general, but it was tolerable and not gross. You can't taste the kale or the spinach really. And you could probably add double or triple the spinach or kale because you hardly get any juice from them.

All Green*:
     1 Romaine Heart
     1 handful of kale
     2 handfuls of spinich
     2 handfuls of parsley
     3 celery stalks
     1/2 lemon (peeled)
     1 thumb size piece of Ginger

My Thoughts: Tastes like a liquid salad. Not too bad. I wanted to add some salt and vodka perhaps (I love me a good bloody-mary)but of course I didn't add anything. I actually made this twice today. The second time I forgot the ginger and it was even more bland. Easy to suck down. My good friend Carina and my husband's aunt Dianna tried it and they both agreed, "This isn't bad at all." I am thinking i might have this once a day.

* recipes from Reboot Your Life starter guide

Overall mood: A little sleepy but still so excited!

Thoughts: Today would have been a really easy day to cheat, but this mama was awesome! Feel fairly energized, but I managed to squeeze a nap in when the littles were napping. Watched the documentary again with my good friend Carina. This inspired me again and of course now that I have two friends on this journey with me it is so much more empowering. I had a small headache in the early evening, but nothing some ibuprofen couldn't take care of.

Today's weight loss: 2.6
Total weight loss: 5.8 

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