Wednesday, April 11, 2012

301 days until I am 30!

The list of ideas I want to do/concur is endless but one thing near the top is to BE HEALTHY!

 I have all kinds of factors going against me from my family's medical history to my PFO (a nice little whole in my heart) to my hypothyroidism. Those are pretty much beyond my control, but what I CAN do is to take control of what fuels my body.  I love fried potstickers, Kraft Mac-n-cheese, fruit roll ups, Cheetos, anything chocolate (except truffles, i think those are gross), McDonalds french fries and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You know, everything bad for you :) When I re-read that list, I see nothing of nutritional value. (Don't try and argue that the fries are vegetables)

I gained 60 lbs with each monkey and lost all but about 10 lbs. So add that 20 lbs to my 10 lbs of what I call my "wedding weight" And there you have it. I am easily 30 lbs overweight and technically I am considered OBESE when my height is considered. Of course I don't look obese, or at least I don't think so, hehe, but of course I am NOT happy with my weight by any means. And when I am not happy with my weight, pretty much every other aspect of my life is affected.

I miss feeling like a girl. I wear sweats EVERYDAY. I have 4 rotating pairs of Nike running pants that I wear because I cannot fit into any of my clothes. Most of my clothes in my closet don't fit and I have 4 boxes labeled "skinny clothes" in the garage that I REFUSE to get rid of.


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