Friday, May 6, 2011

What's a good deal?

So if you have been following along, you know the basic gist of couponing including where to find coupons and how to use them. A common question newbies ask me is “What’s a good price for…” The answer pretty much depends on how important the product is to you (corny, I know) and how much your food budget is. Another determining factor is where you live as prices will be vary by region. What I can tell you is the price that I *try* to pay. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I am running to Seven Eleven to buy Nyquil at 1am, but as a general rule, these are the prices I look out for:

Household/Toiletries/Personal Care Items
I usually find these items at Target, Walgreens, RiteAid

(This is for cheaper brands like Herbal Essence, John Frieda, Pantene, etc)
LAUNDRY SOAP: $1.99/32 loads
BODY LOTION: Free- $1.50
FACE WASH: Free- $1.50
DISH SOAP: Free-$.75
Grocery Items

(There are sooo many, so I will just highlight a few I get for super cheap)
PASTA: free-$.25
PASTA SAUCE: $.25-$1
CRACKERS: $.50 or less
CEREAL: $.50 per box or less
OATMEAL: $.50 for instant oats
PEANUT BUTTER: $.50-$1.00
FROZEN PIZZA: $2.50 or less for a large pizza
CANNED VEGGIES: $.50 or less
GRANOLA BARS: $.50 or less
CHIPS $1 or less
PASTA $.50 or less
RICE/POTATO PACKS $.50 or less
SALAD DRESSING $.50 or less
CONDIMENTS: $.50 or less
FRUIT SNACKS: $.50 or less

Of course you can get other items with coupons, but these are some good deals that can bring down your budget and/or save more money for something else. Is this helpful? Do you have any questions??

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kohls: Eric Carle's "The Mixed up Chameleon" stuffed animal/book $2.50 UPDATE

UPDATE: There is some confusion on Kohl's website on whether or not the stuffed toy is included, so your mileage may vary on this one, sorry team!

I LOVE when Kohl's has these stuffed animals + book combos at the front of the store. My boys like to hold the animal while we read about them. And my New Year's resolution this year (one of them) is to do my Christamas shopping all year as I find deals. Here is a cheap and easy one!

Right now you can get Eric Carle's "The Mixed up Chameleon" book AND the stuffed chameleon for $2.50 SHIPPED
I got mine this morning in addition to "The Grouchy Ladbug" but the ladybug is already sold out now, so you better act fast on this one.

When you checkout use the code SHIP4FREE and shipping is free! I got one of each, bon't don't tell my boys. There just might be a Chameleon and a Ladybug under the tree on Christmas morning!

Thanks, Hip2Save!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Careful! Tomato Recall

Check it out HERE. From the FDA wesbite,
"FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - May 2, 2011 - Taylor Farms Pacific, Inc. of Tracy, CA has been notified by grower Six L’s that a specific lot of grape tomatoes supplied to Taylor Farms Pacific may be contaminated with Salmonella. This product has been recalled by Six L's.
This lot of grape tomatoes was used in the following products made by Taylor Farms Pacific for Albertsons, Raley's, Safeway, Savemart, Sam's Club, & Walmart and is being voluntarily recalled as a precautionary measure. No illnesses have been reported.
Salmonella is an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Healthy people may experience fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea (which may be bloody), and abdominal pain. In rare cases the organism can get into the bloodstream and cause more serious complications. For more information visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website at"

$1/$5.00 Safeway Produce Coupon

For you facebookers, here is a $1 off $5.00 for produce! Click HERE and "Like" the Safeway Facebook page and then go to the Simple Nutrition tab and follow directions. I am going to use mine tonight!! You can print one and then go to the back button til you see "Print your coupon" and print it again, up to two coupons per computer.

Thanks Kari Brown & Frugal Living NW for the heads up!

Another chance for ALL YOU! A must have couponers!

If you are thinking about getting serious about couponing, this magazine is a MUST HAVE! It comes monthly with high value coupons for a ton of great (or free even) deals. I just got mine through Ebates. It takes a couple of steps, but well worth it!!! First, go to the link : EBATES for two bad monkey friends
Create an account (takes 10 seconds)
Type in in the search field
Click on the "Shop Now" orange button next to Save 51%
You will be sent over to the site. Choose ALL YOU for 19.97
You will initially have 19.97 out of pocket but you will get a check from ebates for 10.17
Sound like a lot of work for a magazine??? Ebates has EVERYTHING and I have heard nothing but amazing things about it. PLUS, you get $5 added to your account just for signing up! I am expecting my first check from EBATES within the next month! ps,  I HAVE TWO SUBSCRIPTIONS TO ALL YOU hehe

TTTarget TTTuesday Week of 5/1/11

This was an awesome trip for me because my shampoo & conditioner stockpile was lacking and Papa Monkey was down to only 2 body washes. I had a blast on this trip. I brought my two bad monkeys and they were champs! It is a good time to teach them counting as I place (or throw) items in the cart.

Here is how it panned out: 1 trip, 1 transaction!

John Frieda Root Awakening haircare $6.13
Use $3/1 from (SmartSource 5/1)
Use $3/2 Target coupon
Final Price: $1.63 each
I usually pay about $1 for it, but I LOVE this product!

Aquafresh Training Toothbrushes for kids are $1.99
Use $1/1 Target coupon
Use the $1/1 Aquafresh Kids Toothbrush (RedPlum 04/17)
Final Price: Free

Aquafresh 1.5oz Training Toothpaste $2.89
Use $1/1 Target coupon
Use $1/1 Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste  (RedPlum 04/17)
Final Price: .89 I have 2 monkeys that will be using this a long while!

Reach Dental Floss (mint waxed) $ .97
Use $1/1 coupon from 4/17 SmartSource insert
Final Price = Free

Nivea Hydrating Shower Gel for Men (16.9 oz)  $3.14
Use $3/1 coupon from 4/17 Red Plum insert
Final Price = .14 each

Total for this purchase: $10.64
I saved 49.84 for products I use on a daily basis!!!

For many many more great Target deals check out My Frugal Adventures, Frugal Living NW, Krazy Coupon Lady. There are so many more deals I might have to make a Target Thursday trip!!

Next up: What's a good deal? And also stay tuned for: Monkey talk: Abbrevations & Coupon Lingo

Monday, May 2, 2011

Albertsons Steals! May 1- May 3

I made two trips to Albertons today; one on my lunch and one after dinner. WAY worth the two trips!!

First let me respond to your acquisations, "There are only coupons for junk food" I say NOT TRUE! While this post does not help my case, I must remind you of my bachelor Dad and my garbage disposal husband. These quick and easy meals make good lunches for the males in my life (not my bad monkeys of course). And must I remind you Summer is almost here in the NW (thank you GOD) and we can never have enough chips and salsa for BBQs! That being is how it all worked out:

Buy 1 Tostitos Salsa $2.50
Buy 1 Tostitos Chips $2.50
Buy 1 Pepsi Max

Use (2) $1/1 coupon from 5/1 Moments to Save Insert (only in the Oregonian, not the Columbian)
Use FREE Pepsi Max When You Buy Tostitos Chips & Dip coupon from 5/1 Moments to Save Insert
Use (2) Albertsons doubles (-$2)
$1.00 after coupons & doubles when  you buy all 3 items

Maruchan Yakisoba $1
Use $.50/1 coupon from 3/13 SS Insert
Use Albertsons double (-$.50)
FREE after coupon & double

Propel Zero $2.50
Use $1/1 coupon from 5/1 Moments to Save Insert
Use Albertsons double (-$.1.00)
$.50 after coupon and double

Tony’s Crispy Pizza $1
Buy 2
Use $1/2 coupon
Use Albertsons double (-$1)
FREE after coupon & double when you buy 2

I had this seperated in 3 transactions because you can only use 3 doubles at a time, but you can have 3 different transactions per trip to the checkout? Make sense?

TOTAL PRICE: $2.60 after OR deposit
That's less the the regular price of the one jar of salsa! Convinced about coupons yet? NO??? Ok, read on...

After I finished my lunch trip I decided to grab two more Oregonians becuase this paper was really rich in coupons. So, most of the deals above are repeats from my lunch trips. I had two rainchecks from a couple weeks ago that I was finally able to use today. If you are not familiar, I will explain more about rainchecks later. Here's how my evening trip worked out:

Tostitos Chips $2.50              
Use $1/1 coupon from 5/1 Moments to Save Insert
Use Albertsons double (-$1)
$.50 after coupon & double

Tostitos Salsa $2.50
Use $1/1 coupon from 5/1 Moments to Save Insert
Use Albertsons double (-$1)
$.50 after coupon & double

Garden of Eatin Chips $2.89
Use $1/1 coupon from 5/1 SS insert
Use Albertsons double (-$1)
$.89 after coupon & double

Maruchan Yakisoba $1
Use $.50/1 coupon from 3/13 SS Insert
Use Albertsons double (-$.50)
FREE after coupon & double Tim loves these for his lunches

Allegra Allergy $5 (AFTER RAINCHECK)
Less coupon from 3/17 SS insert
= .07 tax only! Yes, I am serious! These were $9.94 on sale today!!!

Quick Cook Pasta $1 (AFTER RAINCHECK)
Less  $1/2 Printable coupon (no longer available)
FREE after coupon & double

Propel Zero $2.50
Use $1/1 coupon from 5/1 Moments to Save Insert
Use Albertsons double (-$.1.00)
$.50 after coupon and double

So… I got 10 boxes of pasta 5 boxes of allergy meds, 2 bags of tortilla chips, 1 jar of salsa and 4 packs of Ramen lunches for  $3.24!!

You can see more Albertsons deals here: Frugal Living NW or Thrifty & Thriving

Next up: TTTarget TTTuesday!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Reusable Produce Bags, another option!

SET OF 5 REUSABLE PRODUCE BAGS $10.95 plus $1.99 shipping

Head over to REUSEIT.COM for another great buy on reusable produce bags. These are another alternative to those cute green produce bags I posted about HERE. The bags are see-through, which would make it easier on the cashier when checking out at the grocery store (Or Farmer;s Market, of course). They are also are slightly larger than the green ones, but do not come with the handy dandy carry sack. Whichever you prefer, please please please join me in eliminating the plastic waste on the environment!! Thanks Kari for the heads up!

Finally! Reusable Produce Bag Deal!!!

This makes me beyond ecstatic! You may know, my New's Year's Resolution was to eliminate plastic bags from my vocabulary. So far so good and this deal makes it even easier for me! For 48 hours, REUSEIT.COM has a 

 I just got mine and they should arrive in time for my next shopping trip. Think of the impact these reusable bags would have on the environment. I am so excited about this deal that I can't type fast enough. Please, pass this deal on. Let's make a difference together!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hilarious Father's Day gift!

Check this out
Are you kidding me? My husband will love this! Head over to Tanga to get this offer. This will be an AWESOME Father's Day gift. Today only they have it for 11.99 + 4.99 shipping. Not super cheap, but I couldn't resist!!

Where do you get your coupons?

So where do I get coupons?

EVERYWHERE! Hehe well, kind of. Here is where I get most of mine from:

Sunday paper GET ONE! I currently do not have a subscription, but as soon as I find a great deal on one, I will jump on it (And of course I will share it with you). Right now I buy 4 papers a week from my local mini mart, but if you are just starting out, 1 seems to work just fine. If you have lots of kiddos or you live far from grocery stores, you might want to pick up a couple extra. The best resource is to ask your friends, family, coworkers, basically anyone who doesn’t use their inserts to hand them over to you. Usually we get 2 inserts per week, RedPlum, and SmartSource. Every month or so we get a Proctor & Gamble insert and sometimes extra Red Plums or SmartSources also.  At one point I was getting 4 sets of inserts JUST FROM MY FRIENDS and I didn’t even have to buy any.

Internet Printables Most coupon blogs will provide certain links for good deals, but you could always browse sites like these:,, Some coupons are the same as you will find in inserts, but they are usually pretty different.  These are worthless without a computer, good printer, and ink of course. I recommend something fast and cheap that has a black and white only option. You can usually print 2 coupons per computer, so if you have access to more than one computer-YOU LUCKY DOG!

There are also blinkies, tearpads, catalinas, peelies, and random store coupon books, but we will learn more about those in the future. For now, let’s concentrate on the Sunday paper and Internet printables.

Next I will explain how to organize your coupons!!

How do you get such good deals?

So we have established that we as couponers try and stock up on items we use when we find them at the lowest price possible, right? And our goal is to not pay retail for anything and ultimately shop from out pantry as much as possible. But, how?

Each week (usually) retail stores release their store ads.  We take the items that are on sale and match them up with coupons to make them cheap or even free. In my experience, I cannot simply make every meal from my pantry because you can’t stock up on perishables, duh! So, each week I stock up on whatever killer deals are going on (i.e. spaghetti sauce, laundry detergent, etc. ) for my stockpile and I try to make the rest of my meals from what is on sale that week. The other day Safeway had zucchini on sale for $.39/lb and they are usually $2.99/lb so I grilled up some zucchini to go with our steak, and made baked zucchini fries with our turkey burgers. Make sense? Or sometimes when I plan our meals out, I scope out my pantry (well, in my case, the shelves in my garage) and see what I can come whip up and my shopping list only reflects what I’m lacking. Usually I only have to pick up fresh veggies, fruits, milk, and occasionally bread! Wahooo to that!

Still haven’t answered how we do it, right???
Well, for every item (look for sale items usually) you can use a manufacture coupon AND a store coupon (if available at the time) AND a double coupon (if your store has those, usually Albertsons and Safeway offer these)…
For example:  Say Wheat Thins are on sale at Safeway for $2.50. You found a manufacture coupon in your Sunday paper last weekend for $1.00 off a box of Wheat Thins. So your deal will look like this:

Wheat Thins $2.50/ box
Use $1.00 off manufacture coupon
Final Price: $1.50/ box

Sweet? Right? No, still not a good enough price for me, but hey, it’s better than paying full price right?

The deal gets even better when you find a store coupon in the ad at the front of the store. Then your deal would look like this:

Wheat Thins $2.50/ box
Use $1.00 off manufacture coupon
Use $.50 off Safeway coupon
Final Price: $1.00/ box

Much better. BUT, if my local store DOUBLES manufacture coupons (as long as they don’t read DO NOT DOUBLE) up to $.50. Recall that my manufacture coupon is for $1.00 off, but they only double up to $.50 So my deal would look like this:

Wheat Thins $2.50/ box
Use $1.00 off manufacture coupon
Use $.50 off Safeway coupon
Use $.50 Safeway Double
Final Price: $.50/ box

Now, THAT is my stock up price. Is this making sense?

It sounds really complicated but once you get the hang of it becomes second nature, and FUN FUN FUN!

Stay tuned to find out where I find my coupons! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Crazy for Coupons-How I got started

My coupon story?

A good friend of mine gave me a handful of Target baby wipe coupons. At this point I had only bad monkey 1.0 and baby wipes were one of our new family staples. I could not believe I could get wipes for so cheap. I really had no idea the new world that awaited me. Then another girlfriend of mine explained how coupons, sales, and coupon blogs worked. The first coupon blog I followed was Frugal Chic Living (At the time the gal posted all store deals but she has since decided to concentrate mostly on Fred Meyer deals.)

There are so many strategies and ways to coupon. I have been couponing for about a year and a half. The first month I started I spent $59 on over $800 in groceries! I was hooked. I love shopping, but I don’t like spending money and I get the biggest thrill from finding killer deals.  That is why the world of coupons is so wonderful!

Coupon guidelines I follow:
  • Buy items at the lowest price possible (or FREE even)
  • Stock up on items I use, my family uses, or on items that are good to donate  
  • Shop from my pantry (or my stockpile)

I have never been too proud to buy generic items and I of course thought I was saving the most money that way. UNTIL I learned to coupon. Now I can buy name brand, high quality products at rock bottom prices. 

How can you do that?
Well, from my experience, items like household goods, cereals, sauces, and salad dressings and less perishable items go on sale every 4-6 months, while more perishable items like cheese, eggs, and yogurt go on sale every 4-6 weeks or so. This can vary from store to store or by region, but it’s generally cyclical. It would be a good idea for you to start checking out your local ads to see what kinds of cycles you notice. It is also a good idea to note prices you are comfortable paying for certain products. For example, I don’t like to pay over $.75 for a box of cereal. Before I started couponing I thought 2/$5 was a great deal!

So basically, if I can get an amazing deal on items that my family uses or items that are good for donating, then I usually try and get as many as I have coupons for. Sometimes people think it’s ridiculous that I have 15 tubes of toothpaste in my stockpile. But ask yourself this; aren’t you always going to be using toothpaste? Doesn’t everyone you know use toothpaste? Then why not stock up on it if you can get it for free!!! A good goal is to stock up with enough of an item to last you to the next sale.

The more I can stock up my pantry at amazingly cheap prices, the less I have to budget for our meals, and the less likely I will have to stop and pay full price for an item on my way home from work for that particular night’s dinner.

Please stay tuned and I will explain more on how to get started couponing!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Camping Life Magazine 8 issues for $3.99

Another great Father's Day gift!

Head over to TANGA and get your subscription for Camping Life Magazine for only $3.99 & FREE SHIPPING!

Skil Tool Set for $3.99 + $5 shipping

Fathers Day is coming!
Head over to WOOT.COM for a great Father's Day present TODAY ONLY! (or Mother's Day even)

For a total of $8.99 you get:
Skil 22pc Precision Screwdriver Set,
Skil 20pc 1/4” Driver Set,
Skil 21pc Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

I know some Papa Monkeys that are going to be getting this for Father's Day!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monkey Nuggets & Zucchini Fries

One thing I am really trying to focus on is feeding the entire family healthy and delicious meals. With both of us working over 40 hours a week, I need my meals to be quick and easy. This turned out even more delicious than I could have imagined. Even Bad Monkey 2.0 devoured it! One bonus for me is it does not require any measuring whatsoever. Here is how I did it:

Boneless skinless chicken breast (gotta use my 40 lbs of Zaycon chicken)
zucchini (on sale now at Safeway for $.49/lb)
Italian bread crumbs
Parmesan cheese (in the green can of course)
olive oil and a little cooking spray

I cut up the zucchini before I went to work in the morning and took out the chicken to thaw. When I got home I preheated the oven to 400degrees, put my gloves on, diced up all of my chicken into typical nugget sized pieces and tossed with olive oil. In a mixing bowl I threw in a good amount of bread crumbs and some Parmesan cheese. After that I dunked each nugget with a satisfying amount of coating I placed them on the baking sheet and baked them for 8 minutes, flipped them, and tossed them back in for another 3 more minutes. I sprayed a tiny bit of cooking spray on the top for aid in baking them. I basically did the same exact thing with the zucchini and viola! A healthy, delicious, quick, and easy meal! For all who desire exact measurements and instructions, and nutrition info, I adapted the Baked Chicken Nugget Recipe recipe from Gina's Skinny Recipes HERE and the Zucchini "Fries" HERE.


GROUPON: Space Needle and Hawaiian Cafe

Get your GROUPON on!

Today's Portland deal is for one of my FAV restaurants in Vancouver: Patrick's Hawaiian Cafe!
Get $20 worth of food for only $10! Yuuuummmmmy!

Patrick's Hawaiian Cafe Logo

Other details: You must use by Oct 14, 2011, Limit 1 per person, may buy 2 additional as gifts. Limit 1 per table, 2 per table of 5 or more. Limit 1 per visit. Not valid for purchase of alcohol. Dine-in and carryout only. Not valid for Mother's Day.

Seattle's Deal of the day is for $49 for an Annual Pass or $75 for a Family Annual Pace at the Space Needle
You have two options:
For $49, you get an individual annual pass and four complimentary passes (a $99.99 value).   
For $75, you get a one-year family membership for two adults and up to two children (ages 4-12) (a $149.99 value).

New to Groupon?  Click here to sign up! You will be so glad you did, I promise!

For those who aren't familiar, Groupon is a site that offers daily deals while supplies last. I have gotten Groupons for Portland Trailblazer games, Haunted Mazes, Ebay, Picaboo, and for lots of Restaurants. I highly recommend it!

Photo Credit: KB photography

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TTTTarget TTTuesday

Target Lunch Haul
6 Degree Men’s Deodorant priced at $2.07 x 6 = 12.42

Use $1/1 Target coupon x 6 = (6.00)
Use $1/1 coupon from 3/27 RP insert x 6 = (6.00)
.42 or $.07 each

2 Frank’s Red Hot Sauce priced at $2.34 x 2 = 4.68
Use FREE coupon from 3/13 SS insert (4.88)

Suave Deodorant priced at $.99 x 7 =6.93
Use $.75/1 coupon from 3/20 RP insert
1.68 or $.24 each

Bic Disposable Razors-12 pack 3.07
Use $2/1 coupon from 3/27 SS insert
1.07* Not a screamin deal, but my dad uses these a lot

3.07 Total after a .10 disc.for using my own bag 
Total Savings 17.10, THAT IS 84.8%

For more Target matchups, head to My Frugal Adventures

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hurry, this will go fast!

One thing that drives me crazy is when I am out and about and I have to pay 1.69 for a 20 oz Diet Coke when I just saved $50 using coupons. I am going to carry a couple of these in my wallet for emergencies.

Get $1/2 20oz. Coca Cola or Dasani products by clicking HERE.

Thanks Rose Knows Coupons for the heads up!

MUST HAVE: All You Magazine $9.79/year

If you are thinking about getting serious about couponing, this magazine is a MUST HAVE! It comes monthly with high value coupons for a ton of great (or free even) deals. I just got mine through Ebates. It takes a couple of steps, but well worth it!!! First, go to the link : EBATES for two bad monkey friends
Create an account (takes 10 seconds)
Type in in the search field
Click on the "Shop Now" orange button next to Save 51%
You will be sent over to the site. Choose ALL YOU for 19.97
You will initially have 19.97 out of pocket but you will get a check from ebates for 10.17
Sound like a lot of work for a magazine??? Ebates has EVERYTHING and I have heard nothing but amazing things about it. PLUS, you get $5 added to your account just for signing up!

Friday, April 8, 2011

New CPR Guidelines

Just cracked open my new April 2011 PARENTS magazine and read the following, "The American Heart Association now recommends starting chest compressions right away for an unresponsive child-instead of doing mouth to mouth resuscitation as previously advised"
1. Place one hand on top of the other in the center of the kids chest, If your child is under age 1, use two fingers (For infants, place your fingers just below the nipples)
2. Push firmly on the chest for 30 compressions, at a very quick rate. Press 2 inches deep for children and 1 1/2 inches for babies. Make sure you press deep enough!
3. Close the child's nose and tilt her head back to open up the airway; or place your mouth over the baby's nose and mouth together, Then give two one-second rescue breaths. Repeat the sequence. Continue for two minutes, then stop and call 911. Resume CPR until child recovers or help arrives. God forbid any of us ever have to use this info, but at least we can be a little more briefed if the situation arises.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Less than $5..FOR REALS!

Went to Target on my lunch today and scored this coupon haul. You are probably asking yourself the following questions:

Q: Why in the world would you buy PepsiOne?
A: Yes, I am a die hard Coke fan, but with this kind of screamin deal, how could I pass it up?

Q: What is that bottle of red stuff?
A: mmmm, glad you asked, it is Frank's Red Hot Sauce, yum yum! You can put it on ANYTHING!

Q: Why would you buy two People Magazines?
A: I'ts fun to share when it is FREE and who doesn't love People Magazine
Q: Wait a minute, you are on a low carb diet, are those Skittles sugar free or something?
A: Of course not, but Easter is coming and the Easter Bunny is all about FREE CANDY!

Q: Do you have a body odor problem, why would you need 5 deoderants? A: Well, at .24/each this will restock my pantry and it is a GREAT item to donate!

And the million dollar question... Q: HOW DID YOU GET ALL THAT FOR $4.51?
A. It's simple really:
4 Skittle Blenders Single-serve bag .69 =2.76
Less $1/2 printable TARGET internet coupon x 2 = (2.00)
Less $.50/2 printable MANUFACTURE coupon X 2 = (1.00)

1 Franks Hot Sauce 2.44
FREE coupon from 3/13 SmartSource insert

5 Suave Deoderant 1.4 oz. .99 =4.95
Less .75 coupon from 3/20 Red Blum Insert x 5 = (3.75)
Final Price 1.20 or .24 each

2 Reach Dental Floss .97 = 1.94
Less $1/1 printable MANUFACTURE coupon x 2 = (2.00)

Target is running a promo if you buy 1 People Magazine & 1 Pepsi Skinny pack you get an instant $3 off so...
Buy 2 People Magazines 4.49 =8.98
Buy 4 Pepsi Skinny Packs 1.99 =7.96
Get $6 off instantly at checkout = (6.00)
Use $2/1 printable People Magazine MANUFACTURE coupon x 2 (4.00)
Use BOGO Pepsi Coupons x 2 = (3.98)

Final Price: 2.96 plus .60 deposit = 3.56
GRAND total for all of these steals: 4.76
You can find many more Target deals at Cheers!

Friday, April 1, 2011

lucky #7

Just finished week 2 of my "diet" and I am down 7 lbs! Wahooo. Only 11 more lbs til I reach my wedding weight. I AM GOING TO DO THIS!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

amazin amazon diaper deals

Buying diapers is almost as annoying as getting an oil change, but fortunately I learned some tricks of the trade. I get most of my diapers from and not only do they offer the best price around, but they are delivered right to my door and I don't pay a cent for shipping. All you have to do is sign up for Amazon mom (which is free) and you get everything shipped for free when "prime: shipping is an option!!! Head on over to My Frugal Adventures to see the details. I frequent that blog daily and they keep me up to date on the latest and best deals on practically everything. Thank you MYFRUGALADVENTURES.COM

snips and snails and monkey tails

meet bad monkey 2.0 meet bad monkey 1.0

nice to meet you

Glad you are joining me on this adventure! I'm hoping at some point you will come here for some fun how to's and ideas on things that I am most passionate about:

  • MY FAMILY: 2 boys, a husband, and a dog


  • HOW I WORK FULL TIME AND DO IT ALL: enough said.
Also, I have no experience with blogging or blogs in general, so you are more than welcome to learn with me!