Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another chance for ALL YOU! A must have couponers!

If you are thinking about getting serious about couponing, this magazine is a MUST HAVE! It comes monthly with high value coupons for a ton of great (or free even) deals. I just got mine through Ebates. It takes a couple of steps, but well worth it!!! First, go to the link : EBATES for two bad monkey friends
Create an account (takes 10 seconds)
Type in Magazines.com in the search field
Click on the "Shop Now" orange button next to Magazines.com Save 51%
You will be sent over to the magazines.com site. Choose ALL YOU for 19.97
You will initially have 19.97 out of pocket but you will get a check from ebates for 10.17
Sound like a lot of work for a magazine??? Ebates has EVERYTHING and I have heard nothing but amazing things about it. PLUS, you get $5 added to your account just for signing up! I am expecting my first check from EBATES within the next month! ps,  I HAVE TWO SUBSCRIPTIONS TO ALL YOU hehe


  1. I have a suggestion that made my couponing SO much easier. Create a seperate e-mail address to use for all of the offers and various coupon sites. You have to "sign up" for so many sites to get high value coupons and things were clogging up my personal e-mail or getting sent to my junk mail. Super simple, free, and saves so much time! Luv you Suzi!

  2. Yes Brooke! Great Idea! My personal email turned into my coupon email, hehe